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Are you ready for the Halloween Escape??

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Come and visit us at Matta Fair tomorrow 5 Sept - 7 Sept 2014 we will be selling tickets there!

Ticket Sales : All Escape Room Outlets & Wet World Water Park, Shah Alam ticket counter. 

Venue : Wet World Park, Shah Alam.

Time : 7:30pm - 12midnight

Date : Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 4th - 31st October 2014 ONLY

Price : RM 38/pax , RM 28 for EARLY BIRD! (Ticket purchased before 1st Oct 2014. T&C applied)

 For this Halloween Escape Room will transform Wet World Water Park to a splashdown of terrifying attractions. As darkness  fall accross  the land and the midnight hour is close at hand, creepy creatures from every tomb will rise and terrorize Shah Alam's Wet World Water Park and make their own Halloween Home. Dare to challenge the Haunted House and other attractions created by the Ghost King and escape using your physical and intellectual.


Escape Run - Largest Interactive Puzzle Event!

Escape Run is an interactive puzzle event that combines the physical and intellectual challenge in one place!

Escape Run is Malaysia’s largest interactive puzzle event organized by Escape Room at Berjaya Times Square. This event will put your physical and intellectual senses to the limit by completing various challenges at our designated locations. There will be 30 teams in total representing 6 different Escape Room outlets in Malaysia. Each team will have 3 members. Teams will have to complete all challenges at various check points at Berjaya Times Square. The first 6 teams with the best record will be able to go the final and compete for the grand prize.

Prize :

1st Team: RM3,000 in Cash plus gifts & vouchers
2nd Team: RM2,000 in Cash plus gifts & vouchers
3rd Team: RM1,000 in Cash plus gifts & vouchers

Please click here for more details

Registration are LIMITED! Sign up now.

Deadline : 13th September 2014 


The Newest Room in Klang!!

Come and discover Dr. Malcolm's secret plan. The future is in your hand to find the evidence and put him to justice. Surgery Room - The secret of Dr. Malcolm only available in Klang.

Escape Room Klang is opened already!!

With such great response over the past few months, we are proud to announce to you that Escape Room is bringing all the excitement around Klang Valley! Out first expansion will be in Klang! Come one, come all, challenge yourselves today to our new outlet. New experiences and new challenges await you! Get ready to have your mind blown again! Our rooms are waiting for you, are you ready for them? Book your slots today and Good Luck my fellow witty friends!


What is Escape Room?

Escape games have been proven to be a global massive phenomenon that is taking the world by storm with over 1,000,000 fans from countries such as Australia, China, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States of America.

In 2013, Escape Room landed in Malaysia and proved to be a massively influential as other local escape game counterparts go. Escape Room is a form of a puzzle simulation game where participants will be locked within a room with a specific scenario according to the respective theme, alongside a team of individuals, to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using the elements found inside the room to attempt and escape within the given 45 minute time limit. Game Masters and Escape Marshals are introduced to direct the flow of the game play throughout to add a hint of drama and boldness to the story.

Being physically thrust into the story is what is proven to be the unique element of the game, and what sets Escape Room apart from their counterparts is that it has achieved a balance between the physical and intellectual aspects of the puzzles.

  • This game requires logic, intuition and an overall collaboration with your teammates. You need to search and make good use of every single item that will find throughout the course of the game within the room. All of the puzzles must be solved in order for you to escape the room.
  • Since this is a team-focused game, the minimum requirement for each theme is 2 participants and a maximum of 8 participants. A collective effort is required to make things much smoother and that much more enjoyable.
  • Escape Room aims to bring the Escape experience to as many people as possible, and that aim may not be achievable if participants who have experienced Escape Room were to share the answers for the puzzles and riddles of the room with their friends or social media platforms. Please don't ruin the fun and excitement for potential first-timers by doing that.
  • Although the rooms were designed to be interactive and to provide an intellectual & physical challenge; that does not make it synonymous with exerting violence within the room.
  • Escape Room is all about challenging people of all ages, there is no minimum age requirement! However, challengers under the age of 16 may want to bring along an adult guardian as most of the puzzles have managed to trump grown-ups over and over again.

And now Escape Room is going global! With locations in Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh City, & Manchester; you can look forward to experiencing this new phenomenon hitting your shores soon! And with up to 2 dozen different themes and story lines to choose from, get ready to have your adrenaline pumped up and to have the boundaries of your intellectual capabilities pushed to limits you wouldn't have imagined with the hottest new game around!


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